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The Law and Legal Technology – Our Changing Work Practices

"We cannot assume that emerging legal technology will be designed to accord with existing regulations – like Uber, it may attempt to skirt around regulation.

We also cannot assume that legal technology will demonstrate fidelity to law, consider important public and legal policy questions or, as a matter of first priority, seek to preserve the authority of the courts. Legal technology, as with other forms of modern computing technology, has the potential to be a very disruptive influence.

This is a real challenge for the profession – to ensure that legal technologies are designed holistically to enhance justice outcomes and do not obscure serious and important legal problems behind an interface, styled as an alternative to traditional legal services..."

Speech delivered by Morry Bailes, President-elect, Law Council of Australia at the 2017 Australian Young Lawyers' Conference, Sydney, 20 October 2017. Read full speech below. 


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