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Law Council of Australia


Supplementary submission: Australia – China Extradition Treaty

The Law Council of Australia appeared before the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) on 2 May 2016 for a public hearing relating to an inquiry into the Treaty on Extradition Between Australia and The People’s Republic of China.

In response to a question from the Hon Melissa Parke MP and evidence provided to the committee by the Attorney-General’s Department at the hearing, the Law Council has prepared this supplementary submission to further inform the committee’s consideration of the Treaty. 

The Hon Melissa Parke MP asked that the Law Council provide its views on government responses to previous JSCOT recommendations regarding the monitoring of persons extradited by Australia to a foreign country. 

The Law Council also undertook to provide some additional information about the inclusion in some of Australia’s extradition arrangements of clauses which provide for an exception to extradition if to return a person would be unjust or oppressive. 

Read the full submission below.


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