Law Council of Australia


Online proceedings framework

13 July 2022

The Law Council is grateful for the opportunity to provide a submission in response to the Fair Work Commission’s (Commission) Online Proceedings Framework including in relation to the Draft Interim Online Proceedings Framework (Framework) and Draft Online Proceedings Participant Guide (Participant Guide).

The Law Council commends the work undertaken by the Commission in developing the Framework and Participant Guide. Subject to the comments below, the Law Council is generally supportive of these documents and considers them to be highly useful resources which provide clearer support for those involved in the Commission’s online proceedings.

The Law Council notes that the Commission’s development of the Framework is an opportunity to engage with other courts and tribunals, particularly at the federal level, regarding the continued use of online proceedings. In the Law Council’s view, there are opportunities for different jurisdictions to share and discuss their protocols for online proceedings, both to promote best practice and, to the greatest extent possible, achieve consistency in approach across jurisdictions.


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