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Law Council of Australia


Swearing-in of The Honourable Robert Beech-Jones as a Justice of the High Court of Australia

Speech delivered by Greg McIntyre, President-elect of the Law Council of Australia at the High Court of Australia, Canberra, 6 November 2023.

"May it please the Court.

I am pleased to rise to welcome Your Honour’s appointment on behalf of the legal profession.

I adopt the acknowledgement of traditional owners by my learned friend Mr McAvoy. I can endorse that, as the Solicitor-General has said, your Honour’s appointment has received widespread support and been greeted with much enthusiasm.

"Your Honour’s integrity, humanity and commitment to the law are highly respected and valued by all those who have known you or appeared before you throughout your career. As has been remarked, your Honour joins the High Court after distinguished service as a judge of the NSW Supreme Court, including as the Chief Judge of Common Law since 2021."

Read the full speech below.


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