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Law Council of Australia


Re-opening of Law Society of South Australia office

Speech delivered by Mr Greg McIntyre SC, Law Council of Australia President, at the Law Society of South Australia, 8 April 2024.

"Good morning. I am pleased that my visit to Adelaide this week has coincided with this event and I am able to join you today for the re-opening of the Law Society of South Australia’s offices following its recent, and let me say impressive, renovation.

I recently spoke at the Queensland Law Society’s Legal Profession dinner and noted that while the Law Council marked its 90th anniversary last year, our length of service to the profession is quite paltry when held up against the history of our state law societies.

The Law Society of South Australia, for example, initially known as the South Australian Law Society, was created in 1879. The re-opening of your offices today will be another milestone in your long and laudable history of representing legal practitioners here in South Australia.

The works undertaken at your headquarters have actually been conducted with the view of enabling the LSSA to better serve its members and include a dedicated Members Lounge.

One of the reasons I am very happy to be able to celebrate with you today is that when we look back at history, the Law Council of Australia may not even exist if not for the LSSA."

Read full speech below.


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