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Law Council of Australia


Opening Statement on Family law Amendments

23 February 2018

Morry Bailes, President, Law Council of Australia

I would like to thank the Committee for the opportunity to provide evidence to its Inquiry.

My name is Morry Bailes and I am the President of the Law Council of Australia. As the Committee would be aware, the Law Council is the peak national body representing the legal profession in Australia.

I am appearing today with my colleague, Wendy-Kayler Thomson, who is the Chair of the Family Law Section of Australia. The Law Council acknowledges that our submission has been prepared by the Family Law Section in consultation with many of the Law Council’s state and territory law societies and bar associations.

Since its inception in 1985, the Family Law Section has developed a strong reputation as a source for innovative, constructive and informed advice in all areas of family law reform and policy development. With a national membership of more than 2600 it is committed to furthering the interests and objectives of family law for the benefit of the community.

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