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Law Council of Australia


Opening of the Northern Territory Legal Year 2018

Australia stands at an interesting point, with an ongoing battle with Executive government, to retain rights previously taken for granted. As Chief Justice of New South Wales Tom Bathurst AC QC put it:
"Many such encroachments, taken individually, arguably have little effect. Taken cumulatively over time and across state, territory and commonwealth jurisdictions they can be the death by a thousand cuts of significant aspects of those rights and freedoms." 

In the face of these challenges we need to employ the best of our skill, our knowledge, our passion and our intellects, we need to mount our most articulate arguments, and we need to represent the finest of our legal traditions, to speak not only on behalf of ourselves, but on behalf of all Australians.  

Speech delivered by Morry Bailes, President, Law Council of Australia at the Opening of the Northern Territory Legal Year 2018. Read the full speech below. 


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