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Law Council of Australia


Looking to the future of legal education

"The New South Wales Law Society Future of the Legal Profession Report chapter on the future of legal education recommends:

In a changing environment, the skills and area of knowledge likely to be of increasing importance for the graduate of the future include: technology; practice related skills; business skills and basic accounting; project management; international and cross border law; interdisciplinary experience; resilience; flexibility and ability to adapt to change.

The Report enticingly concludes:

That the Law Society communicate the report’s detailed findings to the Council of Law Deans, Legal Profession Admission Board of New South Wales, and the Admissions Committee of the Legal Services Council as to the further research and consideration that should be given to the seven areas of skills and knowledge identified as necessary for law graduates..."

Speech delivered by Fiona McLeod SC, President of the Law Council of Australia at the Australian Academy of Law Conference, Sydney. Read full speech below. 


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