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Law Council of Australia


COVID-19: What effect has the pandemic had on legal practice, on the courts and on the law schools and how are they each responding

Speech delivered by Pauline Wright, President of the Law Council of Australia at the Australian Academy of Law ‘COVID – 19: The Impacts on Lawyers, Law Schools and the Courts’ online event, 7 July 2020. 

"The legal profession should be proud of the way it has adapted with agility to accommodate a digital only environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like everyone else, the Law Council has had to adjust day to day practices in our office to facilitate employees working from home and a reliance on telecommunications for meetings.

But while this has been no mean feat, and has been achieved quite seamlessly, the Law Council’s response to the pandemic has been much broader.

There is little doubt that the Law Council and the legal profession we represent has been profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have received reports from constituent bodies regarding the decreasing viability of law practices, job losses and reduced hours. This includes barristers as well as law firms of all shapes and sizes, from sole practitioners through to large partnerships."

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