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Law Council of Australia


Address to the Inaugural Legal G20 hosted by the Brazilian Bar Association

Mr Greg McIntyre SC, Law Council of Australia President, delivered a pre-recorded speech to the inaugural meeting of the Legal G20 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 19 April 2024.

"As President of the Law Council of Australia, it is a great pleasure to address you today at the inaugural Legal G20.

I thank the Brazilian Bar Association for its leadership in bringing this forum together.

For over twenty years the G20 has enhanced global economic cooperation and financial stability.

Lawyers play a fundamental role in the global economy – as advisers, advocates, innovators, and problem solvers, by shaping institutions and legislation, and as defenders of the rule of law.

As we navigate the digital transformation and global challenges including climate change, it is timely that legal professional associations come together in such a forum.

The Law Council of Australia is the representative body for the legal profession in Australia, representing over 100,000 legal practitioners both nationally and internationally."

Read full speech below.


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