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Court shows sexual harassment will not be tolerated

8 July 2021

The Law Council of Australia acknowledges the statement of the Chief Justice and Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in relation to two complaints against a Judge of that Court.

Law Council President, Dr Jacoba Brasch QC said “it could not have been easy for these women to come forward, but once they did, the Chief Justice implemented a rigorous and thorough process to investigate the complaints whilst affording privacy and procedural fairness to those involved.

“It is also most appropriate that the Chief Justice has released as much detail of that process as he could today.

“Every person should feel safe wherever they are, and wherever they work. That is why we have called for amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act (Cth) to make it plain that court staff and judicial officers, along with politicians and their staff, are covered by its terms.

“I absolutely commend the Court for its detailed investigations and inquiry process, including the appointment of three independent former judges and a counsel-assisting, which may well be a first in the federal courts.

“Once again, this highlights the need for a consistent approach across all Commonwealth courts, which a Federal Judicial Commission would provide.”


Dr Fiona Wade
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