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Law Council of Australia


Vital independent counter-terrorism reports back many Law Council concerns

20 October 2017


The Law Council has welcomed the release of the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor’s (INSLM) reports on a range of counter-terrorism laws, which reflects numerous positions of the peak legal body.

The INSLM, Dr James Renwick SC, has released his completed reports on Statutory Deadline Reviews which include the following legislation:

Importantly, the INSLM has made key recommendations aimed at improving the safeguards of the regimes, several which are consistent with Law Council positions, including that:

The INSLM has concluded that these laws continue for a further period of five years, have the capacity to be effective and are consistent with our international obligations.

The President of the Law Council of Australia, Fiona McLeod SC, said the INSLM’s reports are a vital part of ensuring that Australia’s counter-terrorism laws represent a necessary and proportionate response to the terrorism threat.

“The INSLM is required to discharge the difficult function of balancing the vital interests of the rule of law, international obligations and national security in an evidenced-based way,” Ms McLeod said.

“This type of independent review is critical to ensuring our laws both protect the community from the threat of terrorism while remaining consistent with the values we hold dear.”

The Law Council is carefully considering the recommendations and will develop a response through the current Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security inquiries.

The INSLM reports are available here.


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