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TPP provisions a boon for the Australian legal profession

4 February 2016

The Law Council of Australia has welcomed the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) noting it contains numerous advantageous provisions for the Australian legal profession.

The inclusion of a Professional Services Annex provides a framework to guide parties in further opening their legal services markets. The Annex incorporates the best practice principles, developed by the Law Council, for the regulation of foreign lawyers.

Law Council of Australia President Stuart Clark AM: “It is always possible to identify deeper market access that could ideally be included in free trade agreements. However, the legal services commitments, combined with the on-going improvements envisaged through the Professional Services Annex, makes the TPP a sound living agreement that provides a framework for further liberalisation.”

The Law Council believes the TPP contains a range of positive market access measures for the Australian legal profession including:

“We hope that other multi-party agreements currently being negotiated, like the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement, will further liberalise trade in legal services,” Mr Clark said.

“Reducing the spaghetti bowl of trade rules across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond should be a priority into the future.”


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