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Regional and remote lawyers win Law Council President’s Award

29 November 2019

Advocates of access to justice in regional and remote Australia were last night honoured for their outstanding service to the legal profession.

The Law Council of Australia's President's Award, recognises and celebrates the exceptional accomplishments of individuals.

Law Council President, Arthur Moses SC, presented the award at the Law Council's Gala Dinner in Canberra to legal aid lawyer Haley Allan from Western Australia, and to human rights advocate Bill Mitchell from Queensland.

Mr Moses SC said Ms Allan and Mr Mitchell are exemplars of lawyers who the profession should honour as recipients of this award.

“It is a humbling experience to read of the work undertaken by Haley and Bill. They do the profession proud,” Mr Moses SC said.

“Both have made selfless contributions to their community and provided assistance to the most vulnerable in the Australia.

“Importantly, they have been advocates of access to justice in regional and remote Australia helping those that face significant barriers when interacting with the justice system. Haley Allan and Bill Mitchell provide a voice for those who are powerless and marginalised in our community. That is what we as lawyers are meant to do in our vocation.”

Haley Allan is a legal aid lawyer based in Broome. Her primary focus is criminal law matters, but she also gives advice in the area of family and civil law. Her work involves travelling to see clients with complex legal needs and attending court in remote communities in the Kimberley. When not in court, Haley is heavily involved in her community on a voluntary basis.

“Haley’s compassion and dedication to help others is evident through her career and volunteer work. She is a prime example of the commitment legal aid lawyers have when working in remote regions,” said Mr Moses SC.

Bill Mitchell is a leading Australian human rights lawyer. He has engaged in public interest litigation and law reform across most areas of human rights and poverty law, promoting of the rights of the vulnerable Australians in law reform advocacy at a local, national and international level.

Bill has represented the National Association of Community Legal Centres seven times before the United Nations in New York in debates about a new Convention on the Rights of Older Persons.

“Bill is an outstanding advocate for human rights. His advocacy on human rights and the rights of older persons at a local, national and international level is to be commended”, said Mr Moses SC.

“I congratulate both Haley and Bill for their efforts and for what they have achieved in their own community and for the contribution they have made to the legal profession.”


*Images credited to Ashley St George.



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