Law Council of Australia


Australia-UK Legal Services Regulatory Dialogue

22 March 2024

The Law Council of Australia welcomes the outcomes of the inaugural meeting of the Australia – United Kingdom Legal Services Regulatory Dialogue and looks forward to continuing to contribute to its important work.

“The Legal Services Regulatory Dialogue was established as part of the Australia – United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement and is charged with looking into matters that affect the movement of legal practitioners between our two countries,” Law Council of Australia President, Mr Greg McIntyre said.

“The Law Council of Australia is pleased to be one of the Australian entities represented in the Dialogue, and to be representing Australia’s legal profession in this forum. The goal of the Dialogue is for our legal professions and regulators to work together to consider contemporary approaches to enhance legal services trade and professional mobility of lawyers between Australia and the United Kingdom.

“The inaugural meeting of the Dialogue participants was held on 5-6 March 2024 and our discussions were very productive.

“Topics covered included matters affecting the re-qualification of lawyers of one country seeking admission to practise in the other country; the types of business structures through which lawyers and enterprises of one country may establish and supply legal services in the other; and sharing information and knowledge on other regulatory matters.

“Working groups will be established to consider each of these issues in order to advance the Dialogue objectives before we meet again in September.”


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