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Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement will enhance collaboration and mobility

17 December 2021

The Law Council of Australia welcomes today’s signing of the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement (A-UKFTA).

The A-UKFTA guarantees that Australian lawyers may operate in the United Kingdom and provide legal advisory services on Australian law, as well as arbitration, conciliation and mediation services. Similarly, lawyers from the United Kingdom may operate in Australia and provide advisory services on the law of their home jurisdiction, and arbitration, conciliation and mediation services.

“Another key element of the Agreement is the establishment of the Legal Services Regulatory Dialogue, which will enable collaboration between our legal professions and regulators with the aim of developing and implementing a more seamless process for the two-way movement of lawyers,” Law Council of Australia President, Dr Jacoba Brasch QC said.

“The Law Council is pleased to be one of the organisations who will represent the Australian legal profession in the Dialogue. We will work to expand opportunities for Australian lawyers as a result of the FTA, deepening the already strong links between our two professions.

“Throughout the negotiation of the A-UKFTA, the Law Council has been grateful for the opportunity to consult with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on provisions relating to legal services under the Agreement.”


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