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Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement a crucial step closer

18 November 2022

The Law Council of Australia welcomes the recommendation by the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties that the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement (AUKFTA) be implemented.

“The Law Council agrees with the Committee that the AUKFTA is a modern and comprehensive agreement which reflects the longstanding importance, quality, and depth of the political, cultural, and economic relationship between Australia and the United Kingdom,” Law Council of Australia President, Mr Tass Liveris said.

The Law Council is especially pleased that the AUKFTA will establish a Legal Services Regulatory Dialogue to look into matters that affect the movement of legal practitioners between Australia and the UK.

“We need contemporary approaches to Australian and UK legal practitioners being permitted to practise law in both Australia and the UK without first having to overcome complex and time-consuming requalification rules.

“The specialist skills of experienced Australian and UK legal practitioners will be essential to realising the economic opportunities for both Australian and UK businesses and professional services providers from the liberalisation of trade in goods and services.

“Contemporary approaches to practising other fields of law will also be important to meeting the needs of increasingly mobile and connected people and families across Australia and the UK.”

Mr Liveris also emphasised the importance of providing opportunities for Australian and UK lawyers across a range of experience levels who want the experience and career benefits of mobility between countries.

“The AUKFTA is a unique opportunity to build on the already strong and long-standing links between our two professions and legal systems, and we hope the AUKFTA will come into force as soon as possible.”

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