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Appointment of the Honourable Justice Jayne Jagot

29 September 2022

The Law Council of Australia welcomes the historic appointment of the Honourable Justice Jayne Jagot as a Justice of the High Court of Australia.

“Justice Jagot has served the people of this nation as a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia since 2008 and previously a judge of the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales from 2006,” Law Council of Australia President, Mr Tass Liveris said.

“For nearly two decades, Justice Jagot has demonstrated her commitment to the rule of law and access to justice in this country. She will continue to be a dedicated and respected jurist as she takes up this new role in our nation’s highest court.”

Justice Jagot now becomes the 56th Justice of the High Court and the seventh woman appointed to the Court.

Justice Jagot will replace the Hon. Justice Patrick Keane AC, who retires next month.

This is the first time since Federation that a majority of Justices on the High Court will be women.

“The Law Council recognises diversity as an essential feature in ensuring a responsive and well-informed judiciary. Over 50 per cent of our profession and population are female. Representation in our courts should reflect the community that they serve.”

In the Law Council’s view, promoting greater judicial diversity is an essential part of ensuring public and litigant confidence in the administration of justice and, particularly, in judges’ ability to make responsive and well-informed decisions. Diversity in the judiciary has a clear flow-on effect for a person’s experience in a courtroom and could be considered a necessary part of enjoying comprehensive access to justice.

“On behalf of the Australian legal profession, I congratulate Justice Jagot on this significant personal and professional achievement,” Mr Liveris said.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to commend and thank Justice Keane for his outstanding service to the High Court for nearly 10 years and to the administration more broadly in his Honour’s previous appointments, and wish him well in his retirement.”

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