Law Council of Australia


Equitable Briefing Policy for Female Barristers and Advocates

26 November 2009

Equitable briefing practices maximise choices for legal practitioners and their clients, promote the full use of the independent bar, and optimise opportunities for practice development of all counsel or solicitor advocates. The adoption of equitable briefing practices can play an important role in the progression of women in the law, the judiciary and the wider community.

This policy is formulated for voluntary adoption by both clients and legal practitioners (including in-house counsel) throughout Australia. Whilst acknowledging that the selection of counsel or solicitor advocates is ultimately the decision of the client, referring legal practitioners exercise significant influence in making that selection.

Consistent with that acknowledgement, this policy is also formulated to take into account the role relevantly played by barristers’ clerks and counsel in its effective operation. When they are consulted by clients, briefing firms and briefing agencies with a view to engaging counsel, all barristers’ clerks and counsel adopting this policy will include female counsel among the names of counsel they identify in the relevant practice area under inquiry.


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